Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wild Doggie!

There are some dogs that really enjoy baths... Butters is not one of them.  For a brief period of time when we first brought him home, Tony and I thought we may have a chance at convincing him they aren't so bad.  Despite our best efforts, the verdict is in... our dog just really hates getting washed.  Before I even bring out the shampoo, Butters seems to already sense it... oh no... here comes bath time! 

Luckily he is pretty good at tolerating baths once in the tub.  He doesn't fuss too much or try to get out like other dogs might.  However, he is equipped with possibly the most powerful bath-escaping method... it is called... The Look.  

He seriously puts on the saddest face he can muster, hoping his shower can be cut short... Oh, Butters, it isn't that bad!!

Even though he pretty much hates every moment of the bath part, he seems to be pretty fond of the whole drying off process.  As soon as he is out of the tub, he turns into WILD DOGGIE!  

That little dog runs around the house, creating a ruckus.  He will find anything in his path... a sock, shoe, water bottle, or toy... and go in for the attack! 

His favorite part of the whole routine is jumping from couch to couch and rolling around in the cushions to dry off.  We have been working on stopping that part of the post-bath ritual.

As entertaining as it is to watch his dry off routine, Tony and I are most fond of the post-Wild Man cool down period.  He gets pretty tuckered out by the whole event, and we are happy when he turns back into the cuddly little guy we know and love.

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