Thursday, October 25, 2012

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!

Tony only had one real rule when we brought Butters home: NO DOGS ON THE BED! I was fully prepared to honor that request.  From the beginning, Butters had a warm little bed in his crate.  He would willingly trot off to his own bed each night… of course, with the encouragement of carrot treats!

And, here we are 10 months later.  

It turns out that Tony kind of has a soft spot for this little dog... a queen-sized one.  Butters certainly figured out which one of us he needed to win over. 

When we finally caved in, we expected some things to change.  We were ready for him to stretch out to the size of a Great Dane and hog the bed.  The occasional early morning wake up call was planned for. Heck, we even were prepared to put up with his snoring.  But, we weren’t expecting this…

Butters did not come alone…

Sure enough, he has decided he is not the only one who deserves the big bed… so do all of his friends.

Meet the guilty cast of characters...

                                               GIRAFFE MAN





On any given night, one (or all) of them ends up scattered like mines all over the bed. 

It is not uncommon that Tony or I will roll over in the middle of the night to be awoken by a squeeker, misplaced limb, or loose tail of one of Butters’ toys.

 It would be easier to exile the group if Butters didn’t look so darn cute cuddling with them

So, we have decided… only one friend per night can come to the sleepover!

We’ll see how long that one lasts too...

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