Friday, September 20, 2013

Meet Sawyer!

Four months after the passing of our dear Butters, we welcomed a new member to the family.  Meet Sawyer!  While raising 2 teething babies has been a challenge over the last month, I cannot imagine my home without this little guy.  

Sawyer certainly has been living up to his name.  He is a (not so) wonderfully creative trouble maker, constantly finding innovative ways to surprise us. I don't think my underwear, socks, or shoes will ever be safe again. Tony and I have placed a set of doggie stairs up to our couch, and Sawyer loves sharing his "prizes" with us after galloping around the living room showing them off. Our previous cavalier, Butters, was never much of a retriever. However, Sawyer is quite the natural. We have been trying to curb his chewing habits with plenty of cow hooves, stuffed animals, and Himalayan chews... the Nylabones and bully sticks (our previous go-to chews) really didn't do much hold his attention. As our vet says, "He certainly is the most enthusiastic cavalier I have ever met." I am pretty sure that is code for... he is absolutely crazy. However, after seeing our Butters so sick, I can say it is a welcomed blessing to see such an energetic little guy. We have been enjoying plenty of walks, with Leon in the stroller and Sawyer trotting by his side.

We have been working on the training basics including sitting and staying, soft mouth, and appropriate manners around Leon... particularly NO JUMPING! It has been going slowly but surely.  After being used to a well-behaved and calm dog, it has been a bit of a culture shock.  We had some concerns with Sawyer teething on Leon when he first arrived; but, Sawyer has been learning quickly. We now can trust the two together, of course with supervision. I am sure in a few months we will be having the reverse problem: teaching Leon how to be gentle around little Sawyer. For now, we are enjoying just watching the two entertain one another.  

... and, during the fleeting moments that Sawyer has fully expended his puppy energy, I can't help but admire how absolutely adorable he is

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