Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Following the graduation ceremony, Tony and I had a family party back at our house.  It was a great way to close out the day, surrounded by great company and good food.

My mom offered the suggestion of having beef on weck (excellent alternative to Tony and my idea--- pizza).  It was a huge hit, and went well with the variety of salads and sides that other people brought.  It was a huge group effort!

The celebratory toast was well-fueled by champagne and my father-in-law’s favorite… Red Cat.  Not a single drop was left in the several bottles finished by the end of the night.  Luckily, people had many hours over which to finish it.

I really enjoyed seeing my mom and mother-in-law together.  They had no problem entertaining one another!  Kit joined in too :)

The guys of course didn't have any trouble keeping each other entertained.  

Tony and I really enjoyed seeing Matt, Sarah, Lindsey, and James.  Tony and Matt at one point brought in some live music, as they went upstairs to play a little bit of bass.  Sarah, Lindsey, and I agreed that we need a girl’s day soon!  I am looking forward to visiting at Sarah and Matt’s house with Tony (and Butters) next week!

Kit and I used the opportunity to get some pictures together.  She educated me on the importance of “skinny arm,” to prevent this: Laura Gross Arm

The retake with “skinny arm” came out much better.  We will have to add Liz in also the next time we all are together.

Since my Grandmom passed away, I know it has been very hard for Granddad.  They were married for more than 60 years, and really were the loves of each others’ lives.  This weekend was the first time I really saw my Granddad enjoy himself since she passed in January.  He enjoyed talking with Pete and Paul, and I am sure entertained them with a few of his great stories. 

Lori and Mitch brought the cake, which was a huge hit!  The design was awesome, and not a single piece left by the end of the night.  

Butters desperately hoped for just a single piece (or maybe two).  He eyed the cake in between distributing puppy kisses to the guests.  He also accidentally got a few sips of champagne that someone had left too close to his level.  Luckily he didn't appear tipsy at the end of the night.

Paul, Jess, and Margie also stayed for the weekend.  Jess and Butters finally got a picture of their matching Tootsie-Roll shirts.   We had a very low-key time together after the eventful Friday.  We played Cranium (first time for Jess) and enjoyed one of Tony and my favorite local restaurants, Militello’s.  

What a great end a weekend of celebrations!

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  1. Marc and I live so close to Militello's but have never been! We'll have to try it out!